Daily Levels 2.0 Released

Daily Levels 2.0 Indicator
Daily Levels 2.0 Indicator

We’ve just released Daily Levels 2.0, new in CodeNTrade Bundle The Daily Levels indicator has been re-designed from the ground up to be easier to use and more performant.

What is Daily Levels?

Daily Levels automatically plots key reference levels and includes historical probabilities (for supported products) of each level being touched within the session saving traders hours of preparation work and enabling more efficient execution.

What’s new in Daily Levels 2.0?

  • Clean levels appear on the right side of the chart
  • Open levels are easier to distinguish from closed levels
  • Level lines across the chart are now a configurable option, off by default
  • Levels are attached to the background instead of the bars
  • Scenarios are updated immediately following session changes
  • DailyLevels can be added as SuperDOM indicator (Draw Path Levels must be on)
  • Several performance improvements for better overall platform performance
  • Multiple bug fixes
Daily Levels 2.0 on SuperDOM

Give it a try with our free 14 day trial! Click below to learn more.

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