Ryan Briggs, 20 Year Day/Swing Trader

As a technical trader, the anchored VWAP has become the most important tool a trader can have in their toolkit. The days of moving averages and horizontal resistance is over. The best thing about the AVWAP is price respects these price levels because they are technically accurate, not because they are self fulfilling, like moving averages. Dare I say, they are as close to as leading indicator as you can find. CodeNTrade’s anchored VWAPs and automated swing VWAPs have allowed me to do on Ninjatrader, what I could only do with expensive specialized platforms. I have a YTD, MTD, WTD and automated Swing VWAPs on every chart I look at and I can say with confidence it has made me more profitable. If you are interested in the Anchored VWAP you won’t find a better one.

Published by CodeNTrade

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