Anchored VWAP for NinjaTrader 8

The great Brian Shannon of introduced me to the Anchored VWAP indicator through his videos. I experimented with TC2000 with the free trial but never bought it. The anchored VWAP was always painful to use on other platforms taking many steps.

TradingView has a good anchored VWAP indicator but it’s not my trading platform and it’s expensive, but they do not have an anchored VWAP drawing tool. TC2000 is the only platform I’ve seen an anchored VWAP drawing tool on, prior to developing one for NinjaTrader. Having used the anchored VWAP on TradingView for about a year, I was getting tired of having to manually key in the anchor every time I wanted to see a VWAP. Also, when I changed the symbol on the chart, because it was an indicator, the VWAPs would stay on the chart. This made it impossible to track VWAPs on different symbols.

This year I switched to NinjaTrader and decided I was going to develop the anchored VWAP drawing tool and indicator for NinjaTrader 8. I present you the Anchored VWAP package for NinjaTrader!

The drawing tool allows for super quick and easy addition of anchored VWAPs to your chart. The anchored VWAP indicator can be used with NinjaTrader’s automated trading features. I tend to use the drawing tool for analysis because it’s quick and easy allowing me to add multiple VWAPs in seconds. Then when I want to put in an order, I’ll add the anchored VWAP indicator to my chart and attach a trade to it.

Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool

  • click on a bar to add an anchored VWAP from that point
  • no limit to the number of anchored VWAPs you can add to your chart
  • drag the anchor or line/path to move to a different bar

Anchored VWAP indicator

  • enter the date/time of the anchor
  • displays anchored VWAP from that point to the current price
  • allows for attaching automated trading rules
  • great for when you want to automatically trade based on an anchored VWAP

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