Anchored VWAP for NinjaTrader 8

Anchored VWAP Package

The complete Anchored VWAP software package including drawing tool and indicator for just $99 + tax

Download the Anchored VWAP package now with a 14 day free trial and start using it right away!

For traders who love VWAP, Code-N-Trade presents the Anchored VWAP package for NinjaTrader 8 which includes the anchored VWAP drawing tool and indicator. Tools to help amplify your edge.


With one click, add a VWAP from any bar to unlock potential insight into the mindset of market participants which entered since that point.


Using the Anchored VWAP indicator, attach orders to the VWAP to automate your trade entry.


With the release of version, you can now setup NinjaTrader Alerts with the Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool! This means automated emails, text messages, popups, sounds and even orders when the alert condition is met.

For example, create an alert to send you a text message when price breaks above your Anchored VWAP drawing. All with the simple point and click of the Anchored VWAP drawing tool.

Buy the Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool only

The Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool for easily adding one-click VWAPs from specific bars of your chart for just $75 + tax

Buy the Anchored VWAP Indicator only

The Anchored VWAP Indicator for automating your VWAP-based trade entries for just $50 + tax

Ordering Information

Products will be delivered by email within 48 hours (likely much sooner) of purchase including installation instructions. Be sure to include your email address and machine id (within NinjaTrader: Help -> About) in the special instructions. Purchasing entitles you to receive updates to version 1 of the tools as enhancements are added. If you encounter issues using these with NinjaTrader 8, please contact me. These products were developed and tested against NinjaTrader 8. They have not been used or tested with earlier versions. If you’re using a version prior to 8, buy at your own risk. Due to the nature of the product, no refunds will be given.

NinjaTrader® is a registered trademark of NinjaTrader Group, LLC. No NinjaTrader company has any affiliation with the owner, developer, or provider of the products or services described herein, or any interest, ownership or otherwise, in any such product or service, or endorses, recommends or approves any such product or service.

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