Introducing the Swing VWAP Indicator

Swing VWAP automatically plotting VWAPs from 2 most recent highs and lows.

New in Code-N-Trade Bundle, the Swing VWAP Indicator takes the work out of managing anchored VWAPs from recent swing highs and lows. Just add the Swing VWAP indicator to your chart, set the strength and number of swing high/low VWAPs to plot and let it automatically plot and update VWAPs anchored to recent swing highs and lows.

As new swing highs and lows are created by the market, the Swing VWAP will automatically add these new highs and lows. By tuning the strength setting, you can configure whether you want the Swing VWAP to snap to minor highs and lows or if it should prefer more major highs and lows.

By default, Swing VWAP will plot Anchored VWAPs from the most recent swing highs and lows only. To plot additional highs/lows, adjust the “How Many” setting. If you want to plot VWAPs from the three most recent highs and lows (6 VWAPs total) set “How Many” to 3.

Swing VWAP supports both time-based charts as well as tick charts.

Gone are the days of adding anchored VWAPs to swing highs and lows only to remove them later and re-add them to new highs and lows. Let Swing VWAP do the work for you.

As with all of our tools, you can get started today with a 14 day free trial. Click below to get started.

Using Anchored VWAP Tools


Head over to Anchored VWAP Tools for NinjaTrader 8 to download the Anchored VWAP tools then follow the instructions in this video to install.

Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool

The anchored VWAP drawing tool is incredibly easy to use and a fast way to add Anchored VWAPs to your charts. To add an anchored VWAP to your chart:

Drawing Tools
  1. Purchase and install the Anchored VWAP Tools for NinjaTrader 8
  2. On a chart, click on the “Drawing Tools” icon
  3. Click on “Anchored VWAP” from the “Drawing tools” menu
  4. Click on a bar on your chart to start the Anchored VWAP from

Anchored VWAP Indicator

Using the anchored VWAP indicator is very similar to the drawing tool. The only difference is, instead of clicking on a bar to select the start point, you manually type the date and time into the indicator properties.

Why would you go through this extra effort? Because orders can be attached to indicators.

  1. Purchase and install the Anchored VWAP Tools for NinjaTrader 8
  2. On a chart, click on the “Indicators” icon
  3. Double-click on “Anchored VWAP Indicator” to add it
  4. Enter the start date and time using the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format into the “DateTimeStr” field and click “OK.”

As always, please contact us with any questions or issues you have while installing or using these tools.

Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool Alerts

With the release of version, you can now setup NinjaTrader Alerts with the Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool! This means automated emails, text messages, popups, sounds and even orders when the alert condition is met.

For example, create an alert to send you a text message when price breaks above your Anchored VWAP drawing. All with the simple point and click of the Anchored VWAP drawing tool.

To create an alert from an anchored VWAP, right click on the anchored VWAP drawing and select “Alert…”

The “Conditions” dialog will open allowing you to specify under what conditions you want the alert to trigger. For our example, we’ll trigger the alert when the bar closes above the anchored VWAP.

Next we define the action we want to perform when the alert triggers. NinjaTrader supports send emails, text messages, playing sounds, showing popups and also placing orders. For our example, we’ll show a popup.

When the alert triggers a popup displays.

That’s all there is to it. Happy Alerting! As always, if you have questions, please reach out.

Importing symbols into NinjaTrader

Today I found myself wanting to use NinjaTrader charts to view and analyze stock charts. I’m using Kinetick’s free end-of-day market data which works for my stock purposes. This provides data for all US stocks but if you haven’t imported symbol lists in NinjaTrader, you won’t be able to access the symbols in NinjaTrader.

Luckily this is a quick fix. NinjaTrader provides a mechanism to import stock symbol lists from text files. See the screenshot below. To save you some time, I’ve created NYSE and Nasdaq text files which are ready to import now.

Anchored VWAP for NinjaTrader 8

The great Brian Shannon of introduced me to the Anchored VWAP indicator through his videos. I experimented with TC2000 with the free trial but never bought it. The anchored VWAP was always painful to use on other platforms taking many steps.

TradingView has a good anchored VWAP indicator but it’s not my trading platform and it’s expensive, but they do not have an anchored VWAP drawing tool. TC2000 is the only platform I’ve seen an anchored VWAP drawing tool on, prior to developing one for NinjaTrader. Having used the anchored VWAP on TradingView for about a year, I was getting tired of having to manually key in the anchor every time I wanted to see a VWAP. Also, when I changed the symbol on the chart, because it was an indicator, the VWAPs would stay on the chart. This made it impossible to track VWAPs on different symbols.

This year I switched to NinjaTrader and decided I was going to develop the anchored VWAP drawing tool and indicator for NinjaTrader 8. I present you the Anchored VWAP package for NinjaTrader!

The drawing tool allows for super quick and easy addition of anchored VWAPs to your chart. The anchored VWAP indicator can be used with NinjaTrader’s automated trading features. I tend to use the drawing tool for analysis because it’s quick and easy allowing me to add multiple VWAPs in seconds. Then when I want to put in an order, I’ll add the anchored VWAP indicator to my chart and attach a trade to it.

Anchored VWAP Drawing Tool

  • click on a bar to add an anchored VWAP from that point
  • no limit to the number of anchored VWAPs you can add to your chart
  • drag the anchor or line/path to move to a different bar

Anchored VWAP indicator

  • enter the date/time of the anchor
  • displays anchored VWAP from that point to the current price
  • allows for attaching automated trading rules
  • great for when you want to automatically trade based on an anchored VWAP

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